School House - Boys

School HouseSchool House focuses on supporting boys to become confident, kind, ambitious young adults, within a caring Christian environment. We seek to ensure that new boys feel welcomed and quickly part of the family with weekly in-house nights enabling them to build strong friendships across year groups.

We celebrate each other’s skills and interests, whether they be on the stage, in a classroom or on the sporting field. Along the way we aim to have fun and make lasting memories!

Cosmo has a degree in Architecture and a PGCE in Design and Technology. He is passionate about design, photography, as well as being a sports enthusiast. Beth met Cosmo at church in Newcastle whilst studying Art History and Theology and has spent the last seven years teaching primary aged children. Cosmo started teaching with YFC in prisons and has since taught at secondary and prep level and an International school in India. They have a son called Sholto who is thrilled to have so many big brothers in the house. He loves the water and is excellent at jumping off stuff and generally being a bit of a daredevil - he is only 22 months old! They also have a Springer Spaniel, Omnom, whose name aptly reflects her passion for food and a Working Cocker Spaniel, Ooty, named after the town they lived in in India.

Cosmo and Beth O'Reilly
School House Houseparents

The O'Reillys

The O'Reilly family

What 3 things would you recommend boys should bring with them to get the most out of their time in School House?

- A belief and understanding that they have great gifts which the house wants to see.

- A willingness to participate (Boys often surprise themselves in what they can do if they are just willing to give it a go).

- An appetite for adventure. School is amazing and you will have a wild time.

What is the funniest thing a student has said to you?

Sir I just realised, as I was walking up the stairs in School House, that my arm feels a lot lighter…. I think I forgot to take my suitcase off the coach!’ (Thankfully, two days later we retrieved the lost suitcase from the coach station). 

Describe your job as houseparent?

To care for the boys, modelling a family and creating a culture for them to learn, grow and discover their potential. The job ranges from daily admin, life advice, a friendly smile, discussing big issues to cooking 300 chicken nuggets and smiley faces. Most importantly it is just being there for the boys. We value and appreciate them and it is therefore a treat to support them at this stage in their journey.