Hatton House - Prep School

Hatton House

Monkton Prep has its own dedicated mixed boarding house called Hatton House.

Life at Hatton is built on the idea that family matters. More than that, it underpins how we live our ‘everyday going to school lives’. Family is what we seek to be in our home no matter where you are on your boarding journey. If you’ve been here for years or for 5 minutes, you are welcomed into family life with all the joys, challenges and quirks that you’d expect.

Children who are allowed to get muddy, explore, imagine, create, play and dream go on to thrive at school. The wellbeing and happiness of our boarders is key and with outstanding grounds to call their 'garden' and an exceptional range of weekend activities to enjoy, we encourage all boarders to be positive in everything that they do.

As a team we will partner with you (parents) to ensure that your child/ren are cared for, loved and championed in a way that allows them to thrive in all areas of their lives here at Monkton. We shape the rhythms of boarding life to best care for children as they grow into young adults, encouraging them to become more independent and take ownership of what the future of Hatton could look like… and what’s exciting is that we do it together. Where will your Hatton adventure take you?

Hatton Houseparents

The Winfields

Sarah and Matt came to Monkton from Scotland. Sarah studied at the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) and went on to work for various churches as a youth, childrens and families worker. She has taught dance throughout this time and loves nothing more than a beach to walk on or to swim in the sea.

Matt studied Adventure Education and has worked for a variety of outdoor centres in the UK and Zambia. He loves being on or in the water, and can be found making fires all over the place - mainly for cooking on and staying warm.

Matt and Sarah have three children as well as a Cockapoo called Skylar who closely resembles a living teddy bear. They look forward to welcoming you to Hatton House, along with Mr and Mrs Sharpe, the brilliant GTAs and the wider team. 

What 3 things would you recommend the children should bring with them to get the most out of their time in Hatton House?

The real you, your belongings (labelled of course!) and some fun!

Funniest thing that a student has said:

Have you called home recently?

"Yes...(long pause)...How do you define recently? In the last week? Ahhh...in that case, no!"

What is the unofficial motto of Hatton House?

Come on...let's go