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What Others say about Monkton

"Monkton really is a very special place, where else would you want your child to be"

Pre-Prep girls and the outdoor classroom

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Peter Tamblyn, Director of Music from Exeter School after adjudicating at the House Music Festival

What a joy that was, over the weekend. Many thanks for the invitation. I hope my 10 minutes … or was it 15 minutes, in the limelight was positive and useful in as many ways as it can be. This is a spectacular event to put on, and I must admit to being envious of the whole school ethos, the quality of the singing from every child, and the camaraderie shown. The team-work and musicianship for each student has clearly improved in leaps and bounds over the last three weeks.

I think a Music Competition Adjudicator has the brief to inspire the students. You and your staff have done that already, and I will have fallen short by a long way. My points about skilling students with numerous transferable skills, and helping them to hard-wire their brains for being superior learners may have fallen on some deaf ears. Please do refer sceptics to Susan Hallam’s report The Power of Music. I do. But I will now also be referring sceptics to your Music Department at Monkton Combe.

I was bowled over by the environment. Having no experience whatsoever of boarding school, and with rather negative pre-conceptions passed on by the members of the family into which I married, I was very pleased to go away with a totally different experience to what I expected. The children in your care are blessed indeed.

From Angela Findlay lecturer after visiting the school in September 2015

It is always a total pleasure to come to Monkton and Friday’s visit was no exception. I really do think it is credit to you and the ethos of the school that your students are so delightful and I know I have said this before, but you are top of my list of favourite schools to talk at. What a school this is.

The warm welcome, the long applause, the attentive listening, the interest in and appreciation of what I have to say, it is all very heart-warming.
Thank you for the beautiful bunch of flowers and card.

From a paramedic working on Longmead Saturday 12th September 2015

'We work in lots of local schools and all over the area, but this school is different.  The pupils here are so polite, boys and girls and all age groups, especially the girls though, they really stand out.  When we treat pupils for injuries they are incredibly polite and thankful, even when they are in real pain, and it's all of them not just the odd exception.  You're also incredibly organised and professional and the staff here are in a different league.  You introduce yourself, smile and we know exactly who is in charge straight away.  Not the case in most schools, where we are often ignored.  Would you pass that onto your colleagues please, we love coming to work at Monkton.'

Prospective Parents visiting Monkton:

  • It’s a relaxed atmosphere. The boys just seem relaxed and happy. They are very proud - it was their school - the two boys who took us round, you could tell...
  • just goes to show, the children are allowed to be themselves and it shows. They are not clones of each other. They are allowed to be individuals.
  • We just thought Monkton Combe is right for them. It was happy, the children weren’t arrogant, they seemed to enjoy school. I wasn’t interested in the stats...we wanted a place where our children were treated as individuals and they wanted our children for them, not for what they could achieve for the school
  • The boys started at school and they talk about the ‘Monkton Magic’ ...I soon found out what it was. The first time I saw the house music festival - it’s incredible. They are so supportive of each other although there is fierce competition they respect each other, applaud each others’ houses. This is incredible: to have this sort of atmosphere in a school full of teenagers...
  • far and away, Monkton knocked spots off every other school in terms of ambience, attention to detail, pastoral care.
  • The tour was the most memorable because the children had been briefed. The children were absolutely brilliant, very professional. I loved the prospectus, I loved the sense of humour.

Current parents:

  • Congratulations to the entire Monkton Senior School family. We are new parents and so far we like what we see. We like what we hear and we like what we know. 
  • It’s not just an academic education, it’s more than that and it’s where Monkton does score.
  • I think what Monkton Combe’s got is absolutely brilliant because days’ and boarders are mixed together ....  it’s more like a family and there’s no ‘them’ and ‘us’...
  • They respect each other, which I think is quite unique in a school - the fact they respect each others’ achievements. The house parents are like their mum and dad - they are living in their house’s like one big extended family.
  • ...your child is treated like an individual - you are not part of their stats. This is where your child is valued. I dont know how they do it but they do. They put in so much extra time... that’s what they all much energy and time.
  • One of the strongest points is the mixture of age groups respecting one another.

The Pupils

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term and a half at this school. The subjects are well taught and the teachers interesting, inspiring and supportive people....I am grateful to so many great and inspiring people in the school that have made me feel that my success is a shared goal.
  • It’s a lot more welcoming. Everyone’s from similar situations.  It’s fun. You can have lots of relationships with each other and with teachers - it’s like a family. There’s no exceptions and no differences. It’s homely and happy.
  • What do I like? Waking up in the morning and feeling excited about the day ahead ...boarding and when the day people board too
  • Winters? They are very different. Even though it’s freezing cold, it’s kind of really warm - you feel like everyone is really together
  • I love it here. Boarding is one of the best experiences of my life.  It actually feels like the learning and the lessons are just a small part of what it is, really - like a big family. You have friends in the lessons but you have friends in the older years that you see in your boarding house.
  • As a day pupil, why do you stay till 6pm? Because I like bonding with everyone. I have the option of going earlier but I feel like I’m missing something - they have so much fun.

Old Monktonians

  • OM from the late ‘80s - I had some of the memorable experiences of my life while a pupil at MCS especially the successful hockey and rugby teams that I was part of. Without a question had the best education that I could have expected there.  Monkton Combe was an unbelievable experience (really did prepare me to be successful anywhere). 

  • OM from the '90s - I was at Monkton Sixth Form and am currently an Assistant Headteacher at a boarding school. The job is challenging and varied, with never a dull day, and I hugely appreciate the impact that Monkton has had on the way I conduct myself at school. Monkton is an extremely special place and I find myself frequently trying to communicate to students, staff and parents the value of developing character, confidence and resilience in the context of the 'achievement is everything' culture.

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