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Leaving Destinations

Where Next?

Monkton Senior School leavers 2016

Aberystwyth Politics and Military History
Aberystwyth Geography
Anglia Ruskin Opthalmic Dispensing
Aston Intl Business and Spanish
Aston Engineering (f)
Bangor Psychology
Bath Spa Criminology / Sociology
BIMM Professional Musicianship
BIMM Professional Musicianship
Birmingham Medicine
Bournemouth Psychology
Bristol Geography
Cambridge Classics
Cambridge Maths
Cardiff Physiotherapy
Cardiff Music
Cardiff Geography
Cardiff Economics / Philsophy
Cardiff International Relations
Cardiff Met Sprts Dev
Durham Chemistry
East Anglia Law
Edinburgh Economics and Social History
Exeter Economics
Exeter Maths
Exeter Combined Honours
Exeter Economics
Imperial Maths
Keele Law
Kent Biomedical Sciences
Kings Nursing
Kingston Illustration Animation
Kingston Photography
Lancaster Biology / Psychology
Lancaster Mechatronics
Leeds Beckett Surveying
Manchester History of Art
Oxford Chemistry
Oxford Earth Sciences
Oxford Mechanical Engineering
Oxford Brookes Geography
Plymouth Psychology
Plymouth Marine Biology
Portsmouth Dental Nursing
RAU International Business Management
RAU Rural Land Management
RAU Agriculture
Reading Construction Management and Surveying
Reading Geography
Reading Real Estate
Reading Business Management
Reading English Language
Reading Psychology
Sheffield Biology
Sheffield Architecture
Southampton French and Spanish
Sussex American Studies and English
Sussex Media and Communications
Sussex International Development
Sussex Anthropology
Sussex Chemistry
Swansea Applied Medical Sciences
UCL Linguistics
Uni of Arts London Fashion and Branding
Uni of Wales Sports Management
Warwick Accounting and Finance
Warwick Law
Westminster Business
Worcester Biochemistry

Monkton Senior School leavers 2015

Aston International Business and French
Birmingham African Studies with Development
Birmingham City Law
Bournemouth Retail Management
Bristol Biology
Bristol Music
Brunel Business and Management
Brunel Product Design Engineering
Brunel Sport Health and Exercise Science (Coaching)
Cambridge Natural Sciences
Cardiff Biomedical Sciences (Standard Route)
Cardiff Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging
Cardiff Modern History and Politics (Integrated)
Cardiff Philosophy
Durham Biological Sciences
Durham Chemistry (International)
Durham Modern Languages and Cultures ( with year Abroad)
East Anglia History (with a Foundation Year)
East Anglia Moleculary Biology and Genetics
Essex Business and Management Studies
Exeter Economics and Politics
Exeter Business and Management with Industrial Experience (4 years)
Exeter Classical Studies and Philosophy
Exeter Politics and International Relations
Lancaster Economics and Geography
Manchester Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Manchester Modern Language and Business and Managment (French) (4 years)
Nottingham Environmental Science
Nottingham French and Contemporary Chinese Studies
Nottingham History
Nottingham Law
Oxford Engineering (4 years)
Oxford Brookes Business and Management
Oxford Brookes Real Estate Management
Queen Mary Biomedical Sciences
Reading International Relations and Economics
Southampton BN (Dual Field) Adult and Mental health Nursing
Southampton BN (Dual Field) Children's and Adult Nursing
Surrey International Events Management
University College London Archaeology
UWE Aerospace Engineering
Warwick History, Literature and Cultures of the Americas

Next Steps…

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